EngagEd Storytelling

We all love a good story, but what makes for a good story? Is it the story? The storyteller? Can we all be good storytellers? Definitely! But, it'll take some effort and a little know how. We'll start with some examples, discuss traits of good and mediocre stories, and then start telling our own. Along the way we'll also learn how to record and edit our stories with Audacity (free download) as well as how to publish them on our wiki.


Story Idea Starters

  • What are you proudest of?
  • Where's your favorite place?
  • Who's your favorite person?
  • A problem you overcame
  • A funny event
  • Family history
    • How we got here

Story Format/Structure

3 Part Story
5 Part Story
  1. Beginning (Hook/Grabber)
    • Who - Characters
    • When - Setting
    • Where - Setting
  2. Middle
    • Action or
    • Problem
  3. End
    • Resolution
  1. Exposition
    • Characters
    • Basic conflict
    • Setting
  2. Inciting Incident & Rising Action (conflict starts & gets complicated)
  3. Climax (turning point or highest point of excitement in the story)
  4. Falling Action
  5. Dénouement (Resolution of conflict)

Top 10's

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Educator Links

Center for Digital Storytelling
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